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Name Ideas For English Bulldogs

Are you thinking of welcoming an English bulldog into your family but confused about naming the newest member? Well, these loving and courageous dogs do deserve a unique and thoughtful name that would match their personalities.

But choosing a name for your furry friend isn't that simple! First, you need to go for one that's not too long to ensure they know that you're calling them. Also, stay away from names that can be easily confused with the common commands you'll be teaching your dog to avoid confusing them.

Still unsure? Not to worry, here we have some creative name ideas for English bulldogs that you are sure to love. Check them out below!

Choose A Name Matching Their Personalities

While you can decide on a name for your new English bulldog in advance, too, it's best to wait until they come home before naming them. This way, you'll get a fair idea of their personality and choose a name accordingly.

If your little pooch is affectionate and playful, you can go for names like happy, cuddles, goofy, buddy, floppy, etc. on the other hand, if they show a tough personality, names like rocky, grumpy, storm, boss, fury, etc are sure to go well with their temperament. Try waiting for a few days for their personalities to shine before you choose a name.

If you're getting a small puppy, you could name them tiny, junior, teacup, champ, etc.

Let Their Coat Colour Be The Inspiration

English bulldogs show lots of variations in the colour of their coats. They come with red, brindle, fawn, brown, black, merle, and tri-colour combinations. Therefore, naming your bulldog on the basis of their coat colour or markings is a great way of personalising their names.

If your bulldog has white or light-coloured fur, you can name them snowball, butter, blondie, biscuit, dusty, etc. If they have a reddish or brown coat, rusty, chocolate, ruby, toffee, ginger, cocoa, etc., are some super adorable names you can choose from. Black bulldogs can be named ebony, batman, ink, smoky, etc.

A tri-colour or brindle English bulldog can be named patch, spot, pepper, tiger, speckles, etc. So you have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a colourful name for your little furry friend

Name Them After Your Kid’s Favourite Character

If you're getting the dog as a gift for your kid, it's best to let them decide on the name. Of course, they would need a bit of help in choosing a meaningful name. You can suggest naming them after a cartoon character that your kid likes.

Spike (the bulldog in the Tom and Jerry show) is a very popular choice, but you could also go for names like snoopy, scooby, max, mickey, dumbo, etc.

Get Creative

Last but not the least, you could choose a name that is close to your heart - it may be a memorable place, your favourite flower, food or movie character, and so on. Some cheerful names that you should consider, include daisy, summer, meadow, meatball, donut, thor, etc.

Summing Up

These were some of the best names for an English bulldog that you can choose from. We know how difficult it is to choose that one perfect name from so many options, but we have an idea to make it easier. Since the name is for your new bulldog, why not let them make the final choice?

Just call out your shortlisted names one by one, and notice how they react to each of them. Then, finalise the one that they respond to most happily. Alternatively, you could write down the names on a few balls or toys and see which one they attempt to chew first. Just make sure that the names match with their personality!

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