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Tips & tricks for cleaning your bulldogs wrinkle

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

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We all know how adorable bulldogs wrinkles are, however cleaning your bulldogs wrinkle is an essential daily activity. If you don't routinely clean your bulldogs wrinkle, it can lead to it becoming extremely uncomfortable for your dog, and even cause serious skin conditions or infections.

Your bulldogs wrinkle will need a regular care schedule, ensuring it's cleaned at least once a day - and potentially even more if your bulldog happens to be an especially messy eater or likes playing in the dirt. You should be able to observe how often you need to clean your bulldogs wrinkle by checking the changes in the wrinkle day by day.

If your bulldog is getting older in it age, then it's more likely that it's face wrinkles will need a little more attention. As bulldogs do become older, their face folds become slightly more weather and their skin becomes slightly more sensitive than it used too.

How often should I clean my bulldogs wrinkle

You should ensure that you are cleaning your bulldogs wrinkle daily to prevent infections, skin irritation and inflammation.

Ensure that you have a regular schedule for cleaning your bulldogs wrinkle, ensuring that it stays health and infection free.

If your bulldogs wrinkle is extremely sensitive, and you think cleaning it daily may be painful for your dog or causing further irritation, then maybe reduce the amount the wrinkle is being cleaned to every few days.

We recommend that you at least wipe down your bulldogs wrinkle at least once per day.

What products do I need to help keep my bulldogs wrinkle clean

Petpost Bulldog Wrinkle Wipes

The Petpost wrinkle wipes are the best wrinkle wipes that we've used on our bulldog and they are brilliant at wiping away gunk and dirt from a bulldogs wrinkle. The cotton pads are extremely soft and they are delicate enough to be used everyday. They are also brilliant at wiping your bulldogs tear stains.

Pogi's Grooming Wipes

The Pogi's Grooming Wipes are great for cleaning dirt and gunk from your bulldogs wrinkle. They are thick and durable wet wipes that will hold up perfectly if your bulldog has a deep wrinkle.

The wet wipes are free from harmful chemicals and alcohol making them perfect for your bulldogs sensitive skin.

Petpost Bulldog Wrinkle Wax

The Petpost bulldog wrinkle wax is designed specifically for cleaning your bulldogs wrinkle. The balm is formulated from natural and organic ingredients and is perfect for cleaning & protecting your bulldogs wrinkle.

Our steps to clean a bulldogs wrinkle

  • Wipe the wrinkle every day: Wipe your bulldogs wrinkle with a soft, damp cloth that has been dipped in warm water.

  • Ensure the wrinkle is dry: After cleaning the wrinkle, it's key to ensure that you dry it. Leaving moisture in your bulldogs wrinkle can lead to a build up of bacteria and lead to the wrinkle becoming irritated and painful for your dog.

  • Keep an eye out for infections: Infections can be common in bulldogs wrinkles, especially if they are not cared for properly. Signs of an infection can be redness, swelling, rashes or discharge. If you notice that your bulldogs wrinkle has become infected, it's best to seek professional advise for a vet.


If your not already cleaning your bulldogs wrinkle regularly, then we highly recommend you start doing so today. Bulldogs are high maintenance breeds and there are numerous health conditions which bulldogs are more likely to suffer from than other dog breeds. Cleaning your bulldogs wrinkle regularly will help prevent these issues, and will ensure your dog is happy & healthy! It can be time consuming and you may think it not necessary, but ensuring you stick to your bulldogs cleaning schedule is vital.

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