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Bulldog World was built to help bulldog owners. As owners of several bulldogs, we've been through many trials and tribulations and we decided it best that we start to share our experiences to help prevent others from making the same mistakes.

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Common Skin Conditions in Bulldogs

Skincare problems in bulldogs is an extremely common occurrence. As a breed, bulldogs are far more susceptible too suffering from health con

Do English Bulldogs Shed Fur

Thinking of getting an English Bulldog and worried that your house might become covered in fur? In short, English Bulldogs do shed fur, but

How to Cure Your Bulldogs Dry Nose

I'm sure we've all sat and looked at our bulldogs dry noses and thought how sore and uncomfortable that must be. Fortunately, there are solu

How to clean a bulldogs ears

Table of contents: Do I need to clean my bulldogs ears How to check your bulldogs ears Differences in ear wax Products to clean your...

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