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How much should an English Bulldog Cost?

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Dog breeds like bulldogs are among the most popular. You'd likely like to find out more about the English Bulldog price if you're considering getting one.

An English bulldog can be a very expensive dog to raise and care for, primarily due to the numerous health issues that plague this iconic breed.

It can be difficult to estimate English Bulldog puppy costs. It is important to account for a variety of expenses when thinking about getting a dog or puppy - the cost of the animal itself, veterinary fees, training, food, supplies, grooming, etc.

These dogs are quite expensive and can cost anywhere from £1,500 to over £4,000 - and that's just the initial cost - taking care of an English Bulldog can be a significant expense as well.

What Makes English Bulldogs So Expensive?

English Bulldog puppy costs vary according to their colour and quality. It is because of the following reasons that Bulldog puppies are so expensive:

  • It typically costs £650 to have a Bulldog stud service performed. In general, artificial insemination costs between £200 and £600, plus shipping and storage costs.

  • It is very expensive to prepare for breeding.

  • The average cost of giving birth to an English Bulldog is between £500 and £3,000.

  • Breeders usually breed British Bulldogs with four to five puppies per litter.

What should the cost of an English Bulldog be?

Cost of Bulldog with limited registrations

A bulldog raised for pet purposes only and not for breeding is usually sold for between £1600 and £2500. When bulldogs with limited registrations are taken home, their bearing is usually controlled by sterilization.

Sterilizing pets is not agreed upon by all pet owners. Bulldogs in this price range, however, can still be raised by a family.

Sterilization will help Bulldogs to become gentler and more reliable since they have unpredictable temperaments and are prone to becoming aggressive and destroying things during the breeding season.

Cost of English Bulldog with complete registration

A full-registered bulldog puppy is not only raised for breeding, but also for keeping in the home as a family pet. Furthermore, they maintain full information on their family records, so you can determine their level of blood purity and gene quality. The puppies are usually priced between £2500 and £4000.

You should consider breeding a Bulldog puppy yourself if you are not an expert breeder. This breed of dog has a large skull, which makes it very difficult for them to give birth. Surgical intervention may be necessary to ensure both mother and child's health after the birth of English Bulldog puppies.

Cost of English Bulldogs from popular dog breeders

The prices for these Bulldog puppies range from around £4000 to £10,000 (or even higher). The puppies appear to be of a pure bloodline. The puppies are registered and have good family histories.

The high gene quality of these dogs makes them unsuitable for being raised as family pets; instead, they are often raised by professional dog breeders for breeding purposes or for training to compete in dog beauty shows.

An English Bulldog's annual cost

In addition to the above, an English Bulldog can cost quite a bit in terms of food. Bulldogs have well-developed muscles and are very active.

Bulldogs are muscular dogs that have a high level of movement. Due to this, they eat very well and prefer full protein foods that are more expensive than normal foods.

When it comes to dog food alone, you have to pay about £600 per year, while food expenses for other same-sized dog breeds are only about £400. Packaged food specifically formulated for bulldogs, or dog breeds with a high level of activity should be used.

Other Possible Expenses

As the need arises, you may have to take advantage of the following unforeseen services:

  • Pet walking assistants: Those who have a busy lifestyle should consider this. For your dog to get enough exercise, you need someone to walk him. These services usually cost $15.

  • Day-care aids: If you need to run an errand or accomplish something important, you may need someone to look after your pet. They charge around £15 for childcare services that help you with this.

  • Medications: Medical treatments cost anywhere from £150 to £1,000, depending on the severity of your dog's condition.

  • Registration: Registering your English Bulldog in major kennel clubs, which cost $90, will document your dog's lineage and allow you to enter dog shows.

  • Services for pet grooming: Bulldogs may be easy to handle physically, but grooming services will cost at least £35. While playing, these goofy pups can get dirty.

  • Dog training: A professional trainer for £100 will help your English Bulldog become more stable and obedient.

Factors that Affect the Cost of an English Bulldog


The fact that some English Bulldogs come from champion bloodlines is one of the main reasons many of them are more expensive than others.

The parents of these puppies have participated in conformation or agility competitions and have been rated excellent in both. Dogs of the same breed are characterized by certain characteristics that set them apart.


Is your English Bulldog mixed-breed or purebred? The price of English Bulldog mixes is generally lower than the price of purebred dogs of this breed.

The reputation of the breeder 

Purchasing an English Bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder whose parents are purebred show-quality dogs will result in a much higher price. Breeders who take good care of their breeding stock and puppies also invest more in them than others.

Registration papers

Many of those reputable breeders belong to various kennel clubs, allowing them to register their puppies and breeding dogs with them. 


The breeding potential of English Bulldog females often makes them more expensive than their male counterparts. By producing several healthy litters throughout their lives, female pups can earn income for their owners. Choosing a male puppy is a better option if this isn't one of your goals when buying a dog.

Tests for diseases

You will be presented with several health certificates, which were obtained after your dog underwent specific tests. These examinations can be costly, but they are worth the investment. There will be no hidden health issues in the Bulldog you bring home.


Breeders sometimes sell their dogs only after they have been socialized and trained. Besides increasing the price of the puppy, you will probably save money because you will not have to spend more time and money on training. Additionally, you are much more likely to get a well-behaved puppy if you do this.

The buyer’s location

Puppy prices will be greatly affected by local supply and demand. In metropolitan areas and other areas where people live in smaller spaces, small dogs tend to be much more popular. Cold climates have a greater demand for some dog breeds while hunting is more common in others, etc. This is why it might be worthwhile to compare prices in different places. If you do not see the English Bulldog puppy first or at least meet the breeder, it can be rather risky to purchase one.


When puppies are young, prices tend to be higher because dog lovers want their puppies as soon as possible. An English Bulldog puppy that is six months old is likely to be less expensive than one that is eight weeks old.

Markings and colour of the coat 

Changes in coat colours, patterns, and markings can be rapid. Some colours are more in demand than others for any dog breed, sometimes temporarily.

If a particular coat colour, pattern, or marking becomes more popular, puppies with that trait become more expensive since an increase in demand leads to a higher market price.

The cost of Owning an English Bulldog in the Long Run

English Bulldogs are among the most expensive dogs to own, but there are more expensive dogs to buy.

The first year's expenses for new owners should be about £5,000. After that, the annual expenses will be approximately £1,400 (roughly £115 per month).

Owning a Bulldog costs approximately £16,000 over its lifespan of 8-10 years.

The costs are based on the essentials such as supplies, food, grooming expenses, medical costs, training costs, and microchips and licenses.

The average cost of the dog's life or approximately £7,000 per year rises to approximately £68,000 if we include optional expenses such as pet insurance, medical procedures, and doggy day-care, or dog walking.

How to Save Money While Owning an English Bulldog

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you save at least a few pounds.

  • You can adopt an English Bulldog from a shelter or rescue.

  • Learn how to train them yourself.

  • When buying their needs, they should always look for great deals. Avoid spending money on useless items.

  • Learn how to groom them yourself by watching videos on YouTube and reading books.

  • Find a veterinarian who provides cheap but professional services.

Bottom Line

Think about the overall cost of owning an English Bulldog before you start shopping.

Due to their propensity for health issues, it's more important to think about the big picture with this breed than any other.

Companion dogs who are easy-going and sedentary, these dogs will delight you with their comical expressions and quirky personalities. English Bulldogs have a lot of hidden fees, so keep that in mind.

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