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How often should you clean your bulldog

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Table of contents

  • Why you should clean your bulldog regularly

  • How to prevent infections in bulldogs

  • How often can I bathe my bulldog

  • How often should I groom my bulldog

  • What are the best products to use to clean my bulldog

  • 3 Tips & Tricks to help you keep your bulldog clean

  • Conclusion

With my bulldogs, I'm often wondering, how did you become so dirty after you've just been cleaned?! Ensuring your cleaning your bulldog is important to ensure your dog maintains a high level of cleanliness.

A bulldog should be cleaned every day, this doesn't necessarily mean that your bulldog needs a full groom every day, but you should be cleaning and maintaining it's wrinkles, tail pocket and anywhere on your bulldogs body that it can't reach itself.

You may think cleaning your bulldog every day is a little excessive, however the wrinkles and tail pocket are extremely prone to yeast infections and bacteria growth - and not ensuring they are cleaned daily can lead to them becoming extremely uncomfortable for your bulldog.

Why you should clean your bulldog regularly

There are several advantages to cleaning your bulldog regularly, this include a reduction in shedding, helping to prevent potential infections, stop your bulldog smelling and ensuring your bulldog is happy & healthy.

Cleaning your bulldog regularly will help you find any potential issues with your bulldog such as dry skin.

How to prevent infections in bulldogs

Grooming & cleaning your bulldog regularly is the biggest step to help prevent your bulldog from getting infections - prevention is better than the cure!

Infection prevention through cleaning your bulldog will mean lower healthcare costs, less visits to the vets and a happy dog. A lack of grooming & cleaning your bulldog can lead to serious infections which can be life threatening for your bulldog - so it's key you maintain your bulldogs cleaning schedule.

Keeping your bulldog fit & healthy is a great way to help prevent infections in bulldogs. Ensure your dog has the best dog toys that it loves to keep it's self entertained and exercised.

The biggest cause of infection in a bulldog come from their face wrinkles and tail pocket. Read our in-depth guides linked below to help ensure your cleaning these properly.

How often can I bathe my bulldog

You should be cleaning your bulldog at least every 6 - 8 weeks, if you don't keep up to this, skin issues can continue to occur in your bulldog.

You can bathe your bulldog as often as every week, depending on how active and dirty they are, however we recommend once every two weeks which has always worked perfect for us and our bulldogs.

Finding the right shampoo for your bulldog is vital if you wanting to bathe it regularly, they do have sensitive skin and using the wrong shampoo can result in causing further skin issues, and drying out their skin - which can lead to infections and your bulldog to be uncomfortable.

We always recommend going with shampoos which are gentle to the dogs skin, and include only natural and vegan ingredients. Ensuring that you select the right shampoo will not only help clean your bulldog and improve it's overall appearance, ensuring it's coat stays smooth and slick, but it'll also help prevent bacteria from growing which can cause infections in your bulldog.

It's also a good idea to ensure that the shampoo contains skin-soothing ingredients to help fight any potential skin irritations or inflammations that your bulldog may have - ensure your dog stays comfortable and happy!

How often should I groom my bulldog

Cleaning your bulldogs eyes, wrinkles and tail pocket should be done daily. Other grooming activities, such as brushing, should be done at least once per week.

Regular grooming of your bulldog will mean that their coat remains healthy and will help prevent any potential skin issues that your bulldog may suffer from.

What are the best products to use to clean my bulldog

Finding the best products for cleaning your bulldog can be difficult. It takes time, reading a lot of reviews and trial and error.

We always recommend using ingredients which include all natural ingredients only and always try to find reviews from other bulldog owners to see their experiences when using it on their bulldogs.

3 Tips & Tricks to help you keep your bulldog clean

1. Avoid using shampoo excessively

When bathing your bulldog, you may think the more shampoo the better - but you would be wrong to think this.

An excessive use of dog shampoo can result in your dogs coat to appear dull and can lead to your bulldogs skin drying out. Dry skin on a bulldog can create irritation and will lead to your bulldog being highly uncomfortable and scratching excessively. If your dog does start to suffer from dry skin this can also lead to infections and further complications.

Most dog shampoos will come with clear instructions on how often they should be used and how much you should use when bathing your dog, ensure you follow these instructions to prevent any complications.

2. Ensure you clean their face wrinkles & tail pocket regularly

Cleaning your bulldogs wrinkles & tail pocket is an essential daily activity. If you don't routinely clean them, it can lead to it becoming extremely uncomfortable for your dog, and even cause serious skin conditions or infections.

3. Don't forget to brush your dogs teeth

It's important that you don't forget to brush your bulldogs teeth. If you don't brush your bulldogs teeth it can to smelly breath and their teeth can begin to rot, become infected and turn yellow.

You can also find some fantastic toys which are great to help with cleaning your dogs teeth.


If your not already cleaning your bulldog regularly, then we highly recommend you start doing so today.

Bulldogs are high maintenance breeds and there are numerous health conditions which bulldogs are more likely to suffer from than other dog breeds. Bathing & grooming your bulldog regularly will help prevent these issues, and will ensure your dog is happy, healthy and smells fresh!

It can be time consuming and you may think it not necessary, but ensuring you stick to your bulldogs cleaning schedule is vital.

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