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How much should I feed my English Bulldog?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

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English Bulldogs are greedy little creatures who will eat everything put in their way - which can make it hard as a dog owner to know how much you should feed your bulldog.

An easy going dog breed, English Bulldogs are lazy by nature and aren’t an overly energetic dog breed. This is why it’s key to ensure you are not over feeding your English Bulldog, in which doing so you will accelerate a lot of their health problems as they pile on the weight.

An adult English Bulldog should be fed twice per day, once in the morning for their breakfast and then one again in the evening for their dinner. Their meals should consist of around 2 cups of quality kibble. If your bulldog is more sedentary, then you should consider feeding it less to ensure it doesn't become overweight.

How much should an English Bulldog puppy eat?

The main thing to worry about when feeing your English Bulldog puppy is overfeeding. Bulldogs will continue to eat whatever is put in front of them so we certainly don't recommend free feeding your pup. Over feeding a bulldog puppy will result in the puppy becoming overweight that can will be susceptible to joint, muscle and bone problems - which English Bulldogs are already prone too.

The portion size that you feed your puppy depends on the food, and on the puppy’s size, but as a rule of thumb, if feeding dry kibble, a handful per portion is ideal for a young puppy.

For a young puppy you should look to feed it 2 times a day, mainly as you don’t want to overdo portion size. Portions that are smaller and more often are the best.

Feeding your puppy twice per day will ensure that it stays full for the full day and doesn't start crying for food later in the evening. It will also ensure that their stomach doesn't become overwhelmed, and should help avoid any problems with breathing.

Why is my English Bulldog always hungry?

Does your English Bulldog wolf down any food put in front of it? Does it sob and stare as you eat your meal, even after its just been fed? You might be thinking, why is my English Bulldog always hungry?

In the wild, a dog would not know where their next meal would come from, and their mentality would always be to eat as much food as possible whenever possible. This trait has been passed down throughout generations of dogs, which is why your English Bulldog will always seem hungry.

As long as you are feeding your English Bulldog their required amount of food every day, then don't fall for their cute little puppy eyes when they are begging for more food. Overfeeding your English Bulldog will lead to several health issues and complications, and with English Bulldogs not being the most active dog breed, overfeeding will lead to your bulldog becoming obese fairly quickly.

If you often cave into feeding your English Bulldog when it cries, it will become more prone to doing so, knowing that it can get food on demand. An English Bulldog with an endless amount of food will simply eat until it cannot eat anymore.

How to switch your bulldog puppy to an adult diet

To switch your bulldog puppy to an adult diet, you should do so slowly over a period of a week - 10 days. Gradually mix in more adult food to your dog’s favourite puppy food. At the same time decreasing the amount of puppy food in the bowl so by the end of the week your dog should only be eating adult food. Gradually introducing food to your pup helps prevent any gastrointestinal issues and will result in a happier pooch.

Growing puppies have higher energy needs than adult dogs but once they have reached maturity their metabolic rate slows. Your dog will give you signs when they’re ready to transition to adult food; they may skip meals or leave food they would have normally eaten. The calorie-dense puppy food will have filled them up much quicker and fulfilled their energy demands when they have reached maturity.


Don't become fooled by an English Bulldog that is constantly begging for food. Stick to their deal meal requirements and don't overfeed your bulldog as it'll only lead to further complications.

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