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Have an English Bulldog with a cold? Here's our tips to spot and cure it!

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

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A lot of people often ask, can my English Bulldog catch a cold? Well, the answer is of course yes! Just like humans, dogs can catch a cold.

If you have an English Bulldog with a cold, then you don't need to worry, like with humans, its a small illness which for the most part isn't dangerous. You do need to keep an eye on your bulldog if they catch a cold, it can put a further strain on their breathing problems that already exist.

Can an English Bulldog catch a cold?

Yes, an English Bulldog can catch a cold, just like humans and all other dog breeds.

The common cold is caused by a group of viruses which are similar and are collectively called "Cold Viruses". In humans, the cold virus is usually a rhinovirus, though there are a few other culprits. These viruses are specific only to human.

When the term "cold" is used to describe an English Bulldogs illness, we are not referring too the specific virus that has infected the dog, but the symptoms that they have inherited due to the virus which are the same as the common cold symptoms that a human would suffer from.

In dogs, these viruses are usually canine respiratory coronavirus, canine adenovirus type 2, canine parainfluenza virus, or Bordetella (also known as kennel cough).

What are the symptoms of colds in English Bulldogs?

The symptoms that an English Bulldog would suffer from if they had a cold are the exact same as if a human had a cold. These include sneezing, coughing, a runny or congested nose and watery eyes.

You may also notice that your English Bulldog isn't quite as chirpy and active as they are as normal. This is simply due to the fact that your English Bulldog is ensuring that they get the adequate rest that their body needs to help fight the virus.

If your English Bulldog is suffering from the symptoms mentioned above, then they may simply have a cold, which is very rarely life threatening and shouldn't be worried about. However, some of these symptoms are identical to the symptoms of more serious illnesses, such as kennel cough, bronchitis or the influenza virus.

If the symptoms persist and your English Bulldog shows no signs on recovery, then you should seek professional advice from your vet. If your bulldog is also experiencing a change in appetite, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or any other changes in normal behavior, your dog could be suffering from a more serious disease that requires veterinary treatment.

How long should a cold last for an English Bulldog?

An English Bulldogs cold can last up to as long as three weeks, however most colds will clear up within a week. Your dogs cold symptoms will generally start 2 to 3 days after your dog has been exposed to the virus.

If your English Bulldog has had cold symptoms for long than three weeks, you should seek professional advice from your vet.

Tips to help cure your English Bulldogs cold

If you have an English Bulldog with a cold you'll probably want to know some home remedies to help your pup whilst they are ill and sooth their symptoms, after all we all love a little extra care and attention when we aren't well and so do our dogs!

Luckily for your English Bulldog, there a plenty of ways we can help cure their cold.

Use a humidifier or a vaporizer in your home

Steam helps to keep the bronchial passage of your English Bulldog stay moist and open when he has a virus, helping him breathe well. You can achieve this by using a good humidifier in a room and having him stay there. Another method is to run hot water in the shower bathroom with the door and windows closed and letting him in immediately after to breathe the steam for about 15 minutes.

Ensure your dog gets plenty of rest

As with any virus, plenty of rest is key to fighting the virus. Luckily for your dog, we all know English Bulldogs are couch potatoes and they already get enough sleep for the whole household.

To help them whilst they are resting, ensuring that are sleeping in a nice warm room, and provide them with a blanket if possible.

Honey & coconut oil can be brilliant for an English Bulldog with a cold

Coconut oil is known as a fighter of parasites as it helps with killing viruses, yeast, bacteria and fungi. A good dosage is 1 teaspoon for 10 pounds of dog weight daily. Honey also has a good antiviral, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities. Giving you bulldog about half to one teaspoon of honey per day will do a lot of help in fighting the cold.

Make sure your English Bulldog drinks plenty of water

Ensuring that your English Bulldog stays well hydrated and drinks plenty of water is key to helping it fight off a cold. You can entice him to drink the water by adding a little bit of vegetable broth or Gatorade. Always remember to avoid soy, corn, chicken, dairy, beef, wheat, fish as these are common bulldog allergens and we don’t want to make your bully more sick.

Ensure your English Bulldog is getting plenty of vitamins

Vitamins are the perfect way to help your English Bulldog stay healthy and fight off a cold, or any other illnesses that they may contract.

I've personally heard from other English Bulldog owners how Eucalyptus, Mullein leaves and vitamin C have been great at fighting off the cold virus for their pooches.

If you are ever unsure about any dosages for your dogs vitamins, seek advice from your vet.

Is an English Bulldogs cold contagious?

In humans, the cold is contagious and can be passed through humans sneezing and contact spreading the virus, so you may be thinking, is my English Bulldogs cold contagious?

The answer is yes, but only to other dogs. Canine cold viruses can't survive in humans and human cold viruses can't survive in canines, so the cold virus can't transfer between species.


An English Bulldog with a cold will have a runny nose, sneezes and also seem more lethargic than usual, but don't worry, a cold is very rarely life threatening to dogs, but you should however keep a close eye on your bulldogs breathing to ensure it doesn't become too strained.

You may be thinking that you've passed your cold onto your English Bulldog and be full of guilt - but you shouldn't be! The cold viruses that humans carry can't survive in a dogs body, and vice versa.

Give your English Bulldog plenty of rest and they'll be back to their crazy selves in no time!

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