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Why does my English Bulldog sleep with its tongue out?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Why does my English Bulldog sleep with its tongue out?

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I often used to think to myself, why does my English Bulldog sleep with its tongue out? It is because they are part of the Brachycephalic dog breeds. Their short faces and compact mouths mean that their tongues are actually longer than their mouths which means it can be difficult for them to keep their tongue in their mouth without it impacting their breathing.

I often think it's extremely cute when I look at my English Bulldog sleeping with the tip of their tongue hanging out, however they are doing this simply to stop them from struggling to breath whilst they sleep.

Why does my English Bulldog leave its tongue out?

Why does my English Bulldog leave its tongue out? Your English Bulldog will be leaving its tongue out because it is relaxed and its more comfortable for it to leave its tongue out that to leave it in its mouth.

Bulldogs will also leave their tongue out when they are tired and panting. Bulldogs also have dental abnormalities like overbite and under-bite, such a condition misaligns the teeth, making it difficult to keep its tongue in the mouth.

Bulldogs have that tendency to leave their tongues out. Aside from their sleeping time, they also let it out even when they are awake.

Why do English Bulldogs sleep so much?

English Bulldogs are a lazy breed that love to sleep. On average, an English Bulldog will sleep between 10 - 12 hours per day, and as they become older they will sleep longer, reaching up to 20 hours of sleeping per day.

Bulldogs only spend 10 percent of their dozing time in the restorative REM stage due to their shorter sleep stints. This means that our bulldogs have to log in a lot more snooze time to reap the benefits their humans get during one night of sound sleep.

The average human spends about 25 percent of their sleep in the deep Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage, which is why we only require one sleep per night, rather then multiple sleeps throughout the day like an English Bulldog would.

Bulldogs are also a dog breed that do need more energy than most breeds to complete activities throughout the day, the extra sleeping hours helps them ensure they have extra energy for when they are awake.

Is it okay for my English Bulldog to sleep with its tongue out?

Yes - it is okay for your English Bulldog to sleep with its tongue out.

It will actually mean that your bulldog probably has a better nights sleep than it would with its tongue stuffed in its mouth, which can cause it difficulty breathing.

If your worried about your bulldog sleeping with its tongue out then try and let it sleep in a cooler environment. Bulldogs will often leave their tongues out to try and regulate their body temperature and cool themselves down.

Why do English Bulldogs sleep on their backs?

If your English Bulldog sleeps on their back, then it shows how much trust and loyalty your bulldog has in you, and it's home. Laying on its back is an extremely vulnerable position for a dog and they'll only do this in surrounding that they feel safe in.

Dogs will also lay on their back if they are hot, their stomach releases a lot of heat, so laying on their back can help them keep cool.

What is tongue hanging syndrome?

What is tongue hanging syndrome? Well, its exactly what it sounds like. If your English Bulldog is always hanging its tongue from its mouth then it may be suffering from tongue hanging syndrome.

This condition is characterized by the inability of your pet to hold back its tongue. Hanging tongue syndrome may cause your English bulldog to drool unnecessarily. It is a condition that’s pretty rare so there’s no need to worry so much about it.


Your English Bulldog will spend a lot of time with its tongue out of its mouth simply due to its facial anatomy. Hanging its tongue out of its mouth helps ensure your bulldog is comfortable and can breath more freely.

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