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The best dog toys for bulldogs that love to play fetch

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Bulldogs are often referred too as lazy breeds - however if you've owned up, you'll know this is far from the truth. They may like to sleep, but when they are awake they love to get the most out of their time, and over the years our bulldogs have always loved to play fetch.

The flat face of your bulldog does mean that they will have difficulties with breathing. Due to their face being compressed, air doesn’t flow as freely as a bulldog breathes. This means that we don’t recommend any water play with your bulldog or dog toys that are going to cause your bulldog to become overexerted. It's important that when playing fetch with your bulldog, that you ensure it doesn't become overexerted and that the game is played at a steady pace. If your bulldog isn't quite up for a game of fetch, then puzzle dog toys can help keep your bulldog occupied and stimulated without vigorous exercise.

Playing fetch with your bulldog can help in many different ways, bulldogs often suffer from weight related problems and playing fetch is a great way to keep them engaged in physical activities and a brilliant way to help keep their weight under control.

Our top 5 dog toys for bulldogs that love to play fetch

Kong Flyer Durable Flying Disc Dog Toy

The Kong Flyer Durable Flying Disc Dog Toy is the most durable dog toy Frisbee you'll find. It's made from an extremely tough rubber to ensure its longevity. It's one of our favourite indestructible dog toys and is also a squeak-less dog toy.

The Kong Flyer Durable Flying Disc Dog Toy is perfect if your bulldog loves frisbee.

ChuckIt! Indoor Ball Dog Toy

The ChuckIt! Indoor Ball Dog Toy is the perfect squeak-less plush dog toy. It is specifically constructed to ensure it bounces quietly around your room and it's lightweight, shaggy design means that it can bounce around your room without causing damage or leaving any marks. It's also the perfect dog toy for playing fetch with your bulldog.

Ball Launcher

If your bulldog doesn't suffer from bad breathing problems and is on the healthier side, then a ball launcher is great for a dog that loves to play fetch. I'm sure we've all experienced the shoulder ache of having to launch the ball for you dog as it runs backwards and forwards franticly, but the ball launcher will help resolve this - and you'll be able to launch the ball twice as far!

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll rope & Ball

The Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll rope & ball comes in a variety of colours and sizes. The easy to grip rope is perfect for helping you ensure you get some distance on your throws.

The ball itself is made from an extremely durable rubber which won't deflate once punctured.

West Paw Design Zogoflex Tizzi

The West Paw Design Zogoflex Tizzi is a great durable fetch dog toy. It also allows you to stuff dog treats inside compartments on the toys legs that add an extra little interactive puzzle to the dog toy.

Finding the best dog toys to play fetch with your bulldog

Finding the best dog toy for your bulldog will take some trial and error, their quirky little characters mean that no bulldog is the same, but through trial and error we've put together this list for the best dog toys to play fetch that have helped to keep our bulldogs occupied and entertained for hours on end.

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