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The best dog ramp for English Bulldogs in 2022

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We all know how much English Bulldogs love to dominate our homes, and for them this includes climbing on every piece of furniture possible! From the sofa, to your bed, and maybe even your dining table, if your bulldog can get on it, it will!

Manoeuvring on and off of furniture can be a difficult and dangerous task for English Bulldogs. Their inflexible bodies and little legs mean that if the furniture is too high they'll often have to jump onto the furniture, and when getting down their heavy bodies in comparison to their legs means they can cause themselves some real damage - and you an expensive vet bill!

Finding the best dog ramp for your English Bulldog can be a great way to help them keep their adventurous and fearless side, without you worrying that they are going to fall and hurt themselves.

When looking for a dog ramp for English Bulldogs, you want to look for something that is extremely sturdy to be able to handle their body weight. You'll also need something with wide base to fit their broad shoulders.

Why would an English Bulldog need a ramp?

It might sound crazy that you would think about buying your English Bulldog a ramp, and I'm sure it'll get plenty of odd looks from guests in your home, however there are plenty of good reasons that you should buy your English Bulldog a ramp.

Manoeuvring on and off of furniture can be dangerous, and your English Bulldog could easily fall and hurt itself. You've also got to consider the age of your bulldog, as they begin to age they may start to suffer from arthritis, which will mean that they are unable to get onto certain places without being aided, or without a dog ramp.

We all love cuddles with your fur babies whether its on the sofa or on the bed, and a dog ramp is the perfect way to help ensure this continues, even as your dog ages and becomes less agile and active.

How do you lift an English Bulldog?

You may have become comfortable lifting your English Bulldog as a puppy, but as they grow, they'll pile on the pounds and you'll be wondering where your tiny little puppy that you used to carry around has gone.

It's extremely important that you lift your English Bulldog correctly, and safely should you need to lift it, doing so incorrectly will only result in yourself and your bulldog being harmed.

Below is a fantastic video to help you understand how to lift your English Bulldog.

Should you let an English Bulldog on your furniture?

A lot of people are completely against letting their English Bulldogs on their furniture. They are worried that the dog may start to believe its an Alpha and rule the household.

Whether you let your English Bulldog on your furniture is completely your personal choice, but there are several things that you should consider before you do.

Letting your English Bulldog on your furniture can quickly ruin it, we all know how bulldogs love to rub their little faces and bums on everything and you might not want this on your sofa! They'll also shed fur and leave their scent embedded into your furniture, and they can also cause wear and tear over time with their claws, and you do risk them potentially ripping any fabric with their claws.

The pros to letting your English Bulldog on your furniture are of course that you get sofa cuddle and kisses! It's also a great bonding experience for your dog and they'll feel happy and loved with you on the sofa.

Things to consider when buying a dog ramp

There are many things to consider when buying a dog ramp. Just like humans, dogs come in all shapes, weights and sizes and dog ramps aren't a one size fits all, so before making your purchase ensure you consider everything that you need for the safety of your dog.

Weight Limit

The weight limit of your dog ramp is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a dog ramp for your English Bulldog. Despite bulldogs being small, they are heavy dogs and you'll need to ensure that the dog ramp you purchase can manage its weight.

If your bulldog is heavier than the weight limit, the dog ramp could give way as your dog makes its way up, which could cause major injuries.


The correct length ramp will be dictated by the measurements of your bulldog and the dimensions of where you are placing your bulldog, taking into account the gradient of the ramp is also important.


Being able to easily move your dog ramp around is key. It's likely that you'll need your dog ramp to be used in various different locations, and you won't want to be buying multiple dog ramps. A dog ramp which can be moved around easily will save you a lot of back ache, and money!


Dog ramps get a lot of use, and a heavy bulldog will quite easily ruin a non-durable dog ramp very quickly. Make sure that the dog ramp you purchase is durable, and it'll save you money in the long run.

Our list of best dog ramps for English Bulldogs

Easipet Dog Pet Access Stairs Bulldog Ramp

The Easipet Dog Pet Access Stairs are perfectly convenient and brilliant if your looking for a dog ramp that you can easily put away. They are easy to set up, and can be folded away, which also makes them brilliant if you travel often with your dog and need to take the dog stairs with you.

The carpeted steps also offers a little extra grip to help ensure your bulldog doesn't slip when using these dog stairs.

Mastertop Pet Steps for English Bulldogs

The Mastertop Pet Steps are perfectly sturdy and a great dog ramp for any English Bulldog up to 50lbs (22kg). They are extremely easy to assemble and come with a blanket fabric which can be removed which is brilliant if you need to clean the steps!

The dog steps are also lightweight and great if you need to travel.

Easipet Pet Ramp for English Bulldogs

The Easipet pet ramp is perfect if your looking for something with a little extra height to help your bulldog get in and out of your car.

It is strong, durable and can hold dogs up to 90kg, so you shouldn't have any issues with an English Bulldog on this dog ramp. It's also lightweight and can be folded which is perfect for convenience and travelling.

The ramp is also a steady slope, and is carpeted, which should help your bulldog when climbing up and stop them from slipping.

PiuPet® Dog Ramp for large and small dogs

The PiuPet® Dog Ramp for large and small dogs are great if you are looking for a dog ramp to help get your English Bulldog in and out of your car. They are extremely durable, can hold up to 80kg and the height can easily be adjusted which means it can be used for any car.


If you are someone that lets your dog on your furniture, then you certainly should get a dog ramp for your English Bulldog.

It not only helps to guarantee their safety and their long term health, but it'll also help with the wear and tear of your furniture, rather than having your dog climbing all over your sofa with its sharp claws.

For more of our product lists, read our English Bulldog product guides.

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