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Our Top 5 Squeak-less Dog Toys

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The majority of dogs love the squeak in their dog toys, however, not all do. Our first English Bulldog hated the squeak in dog toys, every time she played with a toy that squeaked, as soon as it did squeak she'd immediately quit playing and head to her bed.

Finding squeak-less dog toys isn't the easiest tasks, due to their popularity the majority of the dog toy's you'll find will have high pitch squeakers inside. We even resorted to try kids toys, however they just weren't durable enough dog toys for our bulldog.

Finding the best dog toys for a bulldog isn't a simple tasks, but through trial and error with our bulldog, we've found the best squeak-less dog toys that worked for us.

The best squeak-less dog toys

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Kong Specialise in making sustainable and durable dog toys, and the Kong Extreme Dog Toy is made to stand up against the powerful jaws of bulldogs. The kong extreme dog toy is one of the toughest dog toys you'll find on the market and the top of our durable dog toys list.

As well as being extremely durable and an excellent chew toy for your bulldog, the Kong Extreme Dog toy comes with an interactive element in that it's hollow centre allows you to enter snacks like peanut butter or dog treats that will dispense as your dog chews the puzzle dog toy.

The Kong Extreme Dog Toy is available on Amazon directly from Kong, and is available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Willie Bones Modern Dog Chew Toy

The Willie Bones Modern Dog Chew Toy is made from 100% natural, non-toxic rubber. It's bulky, ridged design creates dimension and allows for great chewing fun for your bulldog.

It's an extremely durable chew toy that allows for hours of chewing fun for your bulldog, helping to maintain dental health, relieve stress and reduce boredom.

Mammoth Flossy Chews Colour Knot Rope

The Mammoth Flossy Chews Colour Knot Rope is the perfect toy to keep your bulldog entertained - we all know that a bulldog loves a good game of tug and war! This rope dog toy is the most durable of all the rope dog toys we've tested and is truly built to last.

Rope chew toys are fantastic for your bulldog if they love to chew - and it should help stop them from destroying any of your personal belongings with their chewing antics!

OurPets IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

The OurPets IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy is a great interactive puzzle toy that also incorporates food which should help provide mental stimulation for your bulldog as well as satisfying it's never ending hunger that we've all seen from our bulldogs!

The balls are available in a number of sizes and they can be adjusted to increase the difficulty.

ChuckIt! Indoor Ball Dog Toy

The ChuckIt! Indoor Ball Dog Toy is the perfect squeak-less plush dog toy. It is specifically constructed to ensure it bounces quietly around your room and it's lightweight, shaggy design means that it can bounce around your room without causing damage or leaving any marks. It's also the perfect dog toy for playing fetch with your bulldog.

Finding the best squeak-less dog toys

Finding the best squeak-less dog toys for your bulldog will take some trial and error, their quirky little characters mean that no bulldog is the same, but through trial and error we've put together this list for the best squeak-less dog toys that have helped to keep our bulldogs occupied and entertained.

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