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English Bulldog Christmas Present Ideas

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Your bulldog is undoubtedly the most important member of your house. Although their personalities tend to be slightly lazy, owners would agree that they just love attention from their human family.

And with Christmas fast approaching, you might be thinking of getting them a little present to show them your love. But choosing a Christmas gift for your furry family member isn't as easy as it seems. But worry not, to help you out, here we have come up with a list of festive yet functional English bulldog Christmas present ideas that they are sure to love. Check them out below!

A Soft Dog Bed

Bulldogs love their naps - you would find them dozing off just anywhere several times a day. So this Christmas, get them a new soft and fluffy dog bed to make their favourite activity more enjoyable. You can easily get cute dog beds designed with Christmas in mind.

Make sure you choose a well-made, durable product, as your pet will spend the better part of the day nestled within it. Also, as bulldog owners, we all know that they tend to drool a lot. And this leaves their bed stinky and prone to dirt and damage. Therefore, it's best to opt for a washable dog bed to ensure your pet’s sleeping area stays clean and hygienic.

A Christmas Themed Plush Toy

Bulldogs love to chew things - and plush toys are among their favourite toys. These are stuffed toys that are designed to be sturdy enough to withstand the continuous attack with their teeth. Unfortunately, most other toys don't last too long as bulldogs tend to play rough.

Plush toys are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours and you are sure to get plenty of options made especially for Christmas. For example, a snowman, reindeer, or Santa Claus-shaped plush toy is perfect for Christmas time. Christmas symbols like stars and bells are also great options for letting your bulldog enjoy the festivities in their own way!

Alternatively, you can also get them a nice and warm Christmas-themed blanket. Place it near the Christmas tree and watch them snuggle upon it to make for a picture-perfect festive scene!

A Santa Claus Themed Sweater

A Santa Claus-themed sweater would be a welcome addition to your bulldog’s Christmas wardrobe. You see, these dogs cannot tolerate extreme weather - they are best suited for temperate climates.

A sweater is a must if you want to take your furry friend out for a walk in the chilly weather, as they are quick to catch a cold. And a nice warm sweater in red and white is perfect for all those Christmas outings. And you can also add a Christmas hat to complete their look! Your dog is sure to love the attention they will be getting from passers-by!

Dog Treats

Last but not least, dog treats are perhaps the best present you can ever give your dog, no matter the occasion! Get ready for a lot of tail-wagging and happy barks as they see (or even hear) you opening a packet of delicious treats for them.

Of course, there are some important considerations that you must keep in mind while choosing treats for bulldogs. First, avoid buying any animal by-products sold as dog treats as there may be a high chance of contamination. In addition, rawhide treats are a complete no - these can cause blockage or digestive issues in your bulldog.

You should also take note of the calorie count of the dog treat as dogs of this breed tend to become overweight quickly. At the end of the day, your little friend’s health matters the most, after all!

Summing Up

Choosing the perfect present for an English bulldog may seem complicated, but we are sure that the above ideas will make it easier! So get them a Christmas present from the list above and watch them let off a series of delighted barks!

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