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Signs that your English Bulldog is in heat

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Thinking of breeding your English Bulldog? Then one of the key things to know and look out for are the signs that your English Bulldog is in heat.

As your female English Bulldog matures, she will go into heat. Bulldogs usually start their heat once at between 6 and 8 months old.

The frequency that your English Bulldog will be in heat is generally every 6-months, however each dogs heat cycles do differ. As your English Bulldog ages, her fertility will start to slow down. Fertility will continue to drop off until roughly ten years of age when her ability to reproduce typically ceases altogether.

The main signs your bulldog is in heat

Swollen nipples and breasts

When your English Bulldog is heat, her breasts and nipples will become swollen.

Changes in behaviour

Your English Bulldog may have changes in behaviour during their heat cycle. Your bully make become more affectionate and require to be petted more.

Swollen & bloody discharge from your bulldogs vulva

When your bulldog comes into heat, her vulva will swell, as well as discharging blood. Your Bulldog will excrete a pinkish red-colored discharge from her vulva during the first week of her heat. The discharge then becomes tannish in colour during the fertile period before changing back to the reddish colour as the discharge and heat period gradually stops. Do note that some dogs like keeping themselves clean by licking their genitals so bloody discharge can be a bit hard to spot on some females.

Bleeding will likely be the first sign that your bulldog has started her heat.

Increased urinating

You may notice that during its heat your English Bulldog is urinating more than often, this is due to your dogs vulva being swollen which will apply pressure on your bulldogs belly.

Can a spayed dog still go into it?

No, a spayed dog will generally not go into heat.

The process of spaying a dog means removing all the reproductive organs, including the ovaries and uterus. As this eliminates the possibility of reproducing, it also means that her heat cycle will usually also stop.

If you do notice your dog showing signs of going into heat once spayed, this may be an indication of ovarian remnant syndrome.

If the surgeon misses some of the ovarian tissue during the surgery, this can result in the remaining ovarian tissue still producing estrogen. If this happens, it will continue to trigger your dog’s usual heat cycles.


If you think your bulldog may be in heat, then the may signs that you should look for are Swollen nipples & breasts, changes in behaviour & your bulldog having a swollen & bloody discharge from their vulva.

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